How are we different? Adventure + Luxury = Terra Nova Village

Terra Nova Village presents an exclusive combination of adventure and luxury. The Point of Differentiation is essentially the provision of a constant contact with Adventure in a Luxurious context. To bring adventure into the hospitality experience, by sleeping in a tent in the wild and enjoy the wildest and most natural gastronomy with the highest quality and luxury. Furthermore, the organization is a stage for all the nature-related audacious and wandering activities, from hiking to skydiving while relying on the best quality and comfortable clothing items, backpacks, footwear and equipment. Terra Nova Vilage’s concept makes this combination perfect by delivering special personal service, from the dedicated staff that is ready to provide the guests with a relaxing massage after a busy day or pack highly nutritious meals to fuel their vigorous days to the enthusiastic tour guides.

Architecture is an important part of the concept and it is a constant expression of it.


Shaped like the Logo, with a higher point and a lower one (the difference in height represents diversity and gives harmony).This happens in consistency with the Resort’s message of traveling and exploring together, symbolising two people holding hands and sharing this experience.
Like you can see in the Resort’s map, the Leaf restaurant is in a shape of a leaf as the Pupurea Spa shapes like the flower. The same applies for the wave restaurant. Furthermore, the Stone House is a majestic stone-built building. The Lighthouse bar is inspired by the typical Newfoundland’s lighthouses.